Are you looking for an experienced therapist?

I work with a range of issues.

Behavioral problems, work/ family balance, grief, marital/ relationship issues, family therapy, parent-child, infidelity, sexual issues, alcohol/ drug abuse, domestic violence, depression, anxiety/ panic, emotional/ mental disorders, financial difficulties, life transitions, loss, PTSD, anger management and issues within judicial systems.

Acknowledge the problem…Experience the solution. I love my work and problem solving with clients. My work strives to achieve a healthy lifestyle for my clients. I help clients achieve their behavioral goals within the brief compass of six to ten sessions.

I have been a clinical counselor for over thirty years. Earning a bachelor of arts degree from Wheaton College, Norton MA and a Master’s Degree from Fordham University, NYC, NY.  Aside from private practice, I have additionally served as a consultant to local industry, labor unions, municipalities, and corporations, as well as providing Employee Assistance Program {EAP} services.

Our Mission Statement

WorkLifeStrategies is committed to providing quality and cost effective counseling services to individuals, families and organizations in order to strategize and integrate balance within work, family and community.

Our Vision

To provide you with practical tips, insights on wellness trends and creative ideas. To help you explore new options in work and leisure, maximize your resources, balance work with the rest of your life and gain personal fulfillment.